Services are provided via telephone or on-site; simultaneously
(in real time) or consecutively

We can provide Spanish/English professional interpreters either on-site or via telephone. Our qualified Spanish interpreters are native Spanish speakers and facilitate transparent, accurate, and effective communication between you and those who speak Spanish. We have a pool of experienced simultaneous conference interpreters as well as consecutive interpreters for medical, legal, or business meetings.

Accountability, best performance, confidentiality

Bilingual Communications, Inc strives to always meet a client’s deadline. We respond to our clients’ questions promptly, accurately, and completely. We maintain strict confidentiality with all knowledge and information regarding the business and products of our clients.

several modes of interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation
The rendition of brief spoken passages, such as questions and answers, into the target language immediately after the speaker has spoken. In the consecutive mode, the speaker and the interpreter take turns speaking; therefore, no special equipment is required.

We often provide this type of interpretation service for employee meetings, where management discusses insurance benefits, company policies, safety issues, etc. Other examples include technical training seminars, small-group presentations, conversations between doctor and patient, legal depositions, and mediation hearings.

Simultaneous Interpretation
The rendition of a source language message into a target language at the same time the source language is being spoken. For this mode of interpretation, special audio equipment is needed, which we own and can supply. Spanish speakers can hear the interpreter in real-time via supplied headset. We provide this service to IBM and Lenovo for international conferences, and for safety training sessions for construction companies and hotels in the area.

For over a decade, IBM’s Executive Briefing Center in North Carolina has relied on the expert Spanish interpretation services provided by Jackie and Yasmin Metivier. Our Latin American tours have proven successful thanks to these two professionals who are able to convey our highly technical messages into Spanish seamlessly.

Doug Baldwin
Program Director
Customer Executive Briefing Center
IBM Systems & Technology Group, RTP, North Carolina