We have extensive experience translating scripts, recording Spanish video voice over and appearing as on-camera talent. We can provide male and female native Spanish speakers, and have access to several state-of-the-art recording studios in the Raleigh-Durham area..

Translating for the screen is very different from translating a document, and involves many factors. Two of the most important are timing and audience analysis. Saying something in Spanish takes approximately 25% longer than it does in English; therefore, timing is critical. Also, when working in Spanish, it is particularly important to accurately determine the target audience, since the language varies considerably from one Spanish-speaking group to another.


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  • Jackie Metivier provided simultaneous interpretation on WUNC’s radio show “The Story”. Dick Gordon interviewed Rafael Simon Jimenez, a childhood friend of Hugo Chavez. | Listen Now


  1. Blazing Music
  2. Jackie Metivier
  3. Yasmin
  4. Bioscience Learning
  5. Matty


  1. CNN
  2. LASIK
  3. Cancer English/Spanish
  4. Gerardo Mestas

Voice-Over Supervision

We have experienced producers that can provide on-site voice-over supervision during recording sessions to clients with their own voice talent or recording facilities. Our trained professionals can provide an important second opinion and the confidence that your Spanish language voice track is delivered with the proper accent, diction and tone.

“Bilingual Communications, Inc., has helped us to truly ‘Bridge the Gap’ by culturally adapting several video scripts into Spanish. We enjoy working with them and find their services very valuable to our organization.”

Donna Mitchell
Horizon Video Productions

For the North Carolina Courts System, we translated the script, provided the project management, and did the Spanish voice over for the “Mending Hearts” videos

‘Otto Parts’ Project

Bilingual Communications was hired to provide Spanish translation and video voice-over for the North Carolina Division of Air Quality’s campaign to help improve the air quality in our state. The ads were aired on television, radio, and their website.

The ads center around an animated character named Otto Parts (a play of Auto-Parts). In Spanish, the name Otto sounded Germanic, and would therefore not communicate the intended message. Our creative team settled on “Cauto Partes”, because it includes the word ‘auto’ and the concept of ‘cautious’ within the name.

Angel Rivera, our Spanish narrator, collaborated with the cartoonist and animator Charlie Breakiron to produce the Spanish version. Angel’s face was videotaped while recording the audio to capture the movement of his mouth for the later production of the animated cartoon character. Due to timing constraints (30 seconds), the Spanish audio was fast, but powerful.

The Spanish translation and videos can be viewed on the North Carolina Division of Air Quality’s website: North Carolina Division of Air Quality’s website.