With so much free content available online these days, sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. For those of you fellow multi-taskers out there, we’ve collected a few of our favorite podcasts. These are great to download and listen to during walks or commutes. Subscribe and never worry about having something to listen to again! We’ve rounded up some industry-specific favorites, a few language focused podcasts, and a couple of shows aimed at entrepreneurs. Be sure to add any of your favorites in the comments!


Translating / Interpreting


Speaking of Translation РEve Bodeux and Corrine McKay know their stuff when it comes to the translation industry. McKay is the current president of the ATA. Listeners can easily catch up as this podcast was only launched last year. Topics so far include computer-assisted translation tools, how to learn from colleagues, and new EU protection regulations.

LangFM – Primarily interviews, this podcast delves into the nitty-gritty of interpreting. A fascinating listen for industry professionals, each episode focuses on that guest’s expertise. It’s well worth a listen!

Troublesome Terps – A roundtable discussion with three hosts, this podcast ranges from the practical (how to manage a sore throat when interpreting) to the philosophical (what role do emotions play when interpreting). Frequent guests include well-known industry professionals, so this is a great podcast to check out in order to get a lay of the land.


Language Lovers


A Way With Words – This long-running podcast explores word origins, slang, dialects, and language news. Each episode is an hour long public radio program and is full of interesting nuggets. The archives online extend back to 2009, but the show itself has been running for over twenty years!

That’s What They Say – For those who only have a few minutes here and there, this four-minute podcast is a quick and enjoyable one. The hosts make the finer points of grammar engaging and humorous. This podcast focuses more on the ways English is changing – which phrases and words are creeping in. Who knows – it might prove useful at your next assignment!

The Allusionist – Hosted by Helen Zaltzman, this is one of the better known staples of language podcasts. The Allusionist is much more about culture than language, but Zaltzman (an English major herself) clearly delights in exploring unusual words and stories.

The World In Words – How has the Basque language survived? How can you have an accent in sign language? What does your British spouse mean when they say ‘sure’? ¬†This podcast is ‘about languages and the people who speak them’ and usually clocks in at around twenty minutes.



Small Business Owners


As Told By Nomads – This podcast, hosted by Tayo Rockson, is a bit of everything on this list. While definitely a business podcast, the host focuses on multicultural issues and entrepreneurs with a global bent.

How I Built This – Possibly one of the best podcasts out there. How I Built This is hosted by Guy Raz and regularly features well-known entrepreneurs. Hearing Howard Schultz tell the story of how he started Starbucks or Roxanne Quimby on how she and Burt started Burt’s Bees is enough to give you that little extra motivation for your own business venture.