Jackie Metivier, providing Spanish interpretation services at The Hamlin Companies, circa 1998

Translation: “To render an idea in another language”

What is the difference between translation and interpretation? Translation is the transfer of a text message from one language to another in written form, while interpretation is the transfer of a spoken message using speech. Therefore, if you need your employee manual rendered in another language, you need a translator; and if you need to communicate orally in another language, you need an interpreter.

Professional Spanish Translators

Bilingual Communications, Inc and all individuals associated with our organization commit ourselves to the highest standards of performance, ethical behavior and confidentiality. We commit to translate the documents faithfully and accurately, satisfying the client’s needs and delivering a translation that meets or exceeds the quality and accuracy expectations, delivery timetable, and format expected by the client.

We keep up with current events, we travel to Spanish-speaking countries every year to keep abreast of language changes and trends, new words and new terms because language is a live element that is constantly changing. We create a bilingual glossary for recurring projects so that we always use the same terminology on all future projects for the same client. In this manner, we assure that the terminology is consistent and accurate from one version to the next. In Addition, we use the most modern and best systems and tools to do our jobs. We have large terminology databases in SDL Trados Studio 2014 for recurring clients in the arts, legal, medical, financial, construction, technical and food service industry.  For several years, Bilingual Communications has utilized the services of two outstanding free-lance professional translators. They are some of the best professional translators in the industry. Meet: Dr. Ruy Burgos-Lovece and Mr. Luis Ballón.

  • Ruy Burgos-Lovece was born in Viña del Mar, Chile, in 1957. Mr.  Burgos-Lovece was a high school physics teacher in 1980 in Venezuela. By 1987, he had an MA in French from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. He taught high school Physics and French in Fort Smith, Arkansas until 1993. By 2001, he had attained a PhD in French Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 1993 he began translating freelance. In 2003, Dr. Burgos-Lovece was hired as a lecturer at UNC-CH. He currently teaches Spanish grammar, composition and translation at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC.
  • Luis H. Ballón was born in Lima, Peru, and has been working in translation in the U.S. since 1994. He became a Certified Translator (English into Spanish) by ATA in 2003, and is experienced in translating medical and health communications documents. He was trained as a Cancer Information Specialist by the National Cancer Institute, and has translated hundreds of cancer-related documents. Mr. Ballón has recorded many Spanish voice-overs for our clients. You can hear his voice on the Media page of this site.

Accountability, best performance, confidentiality

Bilingual Communications, Inc strives to always meet a client’s deadline. We respond to our clients’ questions promptly, accurately, and completely. And, we maintain strict confidentiality with all knowledge and information regarding the business and products of our clients.