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Translation Services

Bilingual Communications, Inc. provides translation service of written documents between English and Spanish. For over 20 years, our group of native Spanish speakers has been providing translation services to businesses across the Triangle. All of our translators are ATA-Accredited Spanish. English translators, editors and proofreaders with advanced degrees from Mexico or Latin America.

What is the difference between translation and interpretation? Translation is the transfer of a text message from one language to another in written form. Interpretation is the transfer of a spoken message using speech. If you need your employee manual written in another language, you’ll need a translator. If you need to communicate orally in another language, you need an interpreter.

Bilingual Communications, Inc. takes great pride in providing high quality language services. We will translate all documents accurately and efficiently while providing 100% customer satisfaction every time. For repeat clients, we create a bilingual glossary of recurring projects so that we use the same terminology for all future projects. For all of our services, we use the most modern technology and databases for recurring clients in the arts, legal, medical, financial, construction, technical and food service industries. Contact our team to schedule your next translation service!

Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services can be provided via telephone or on site. They can be provided simultaneously or consecutively.

Bilingual Communications, Inc. provides Spanish/English interpretation services on site or over the phone. Our experienced Spanish interpreters are native Spanish speakers who can provide clear, concise, and effective communication between you and the Spanish speaking party. We have a wide selection of interpreters who can help with your medical, legal, or business meeting needs.

Consecutive Interpretation Services
The rendition of brief spoken passages, such as questions and answers, into the target language immediately after the speaker has spoken. In the consecutive mode, the speaker and the interpreter take turns speaking; therefore, no special equipment is required.

This type of interpretation service can be used for:
  • Employee Meetings
  • Training Seminars
  • Small Group Presentations
  • Medical Conversations
  • Legal Depositions/Mediations
  • And More.
Simultaneous Interpretation
The rendition of a source language message into a target language at the same time the source language is being spoken. For this mode of interpretation, special audio equipment is needed, which we own and can supply. Spanish speakers can hear the interpreter in real-time via supplied headset

This type of interpretation service can be used for:
  • International Conferences
  • Safety Training for Construction Companies
  • And More!

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